Marcin Bogusławski

PhD, assistant professor at the Institute of Philosophy at the University of Lodz. Interested in the philosophy of humanities, the socio-politicial philosophy, modern epistemology, philosophy and theory of music. Masters degree on Michel Foucault philosophy as inspired by the Georges Canguilhem and Georges Dumezil standpoints. PhD on humanities from the ontology of culture point of view. He published in, among others, "Przegląd Filozoficzny", "Analiza i Egzystencja", "Forum Oświatowe", "Przegląd Socjologii Jakościowej". Music critic (opera mostly). Occasionally appears on radio but more often he writes, for the Medium Publiczne for instance.



Dawid Misztal
PhD, assistant professor at the Institute of Philosophy at the University of Lodz. Interested in the philosophical anthropology, socio-political philosophy, and transhumanism. Masters degree on Nietzsche's and Kierkegaard's ideas of subjectivity. PhD on the sources of the selected anthropological ideas in the XIX-XX centuries. He published in "Diametros", "Humanistyka i Przyrodoznawstwo", "Nowa Krytyka". He has translated into Polish works by D. Hume, N. Davey, C. Meister, S. Wolf, S. Scheffler, M. Lynch. Occasionally he is moderating Philosophical Meetings on Cinema. Loves road cycling despite his susceptibility to injuries.












Bogdan Banasiak
Associate professor at at the Institute of Philosophy at the University of Lodz. He works on Sade, F. Nietzsche, and contemporary French philosophy (J. Derrida, G. Deleuze, M. Foucault, P. Klossowski, G. Bataille). The author of the first polish monograph on Derrida: Filozofia „końca filozofii”. Dekonstrukcja Jacquesa Derridy (1995, 1997, 2007; the K. Szaniawski Prize and Minister of National Education prize), Sade: Filozofia integralnej suwerenności. Zarys systemu Markiza de Sade (revised and enlarged second edition entitled Integralna potworność. Markiz de Sade – filozofia libertynizmu, czyli konsekwencje „śmierci Boga”) (2006) and the book entitled Słońce ekstazy, noc melancholii. Rzecz o Raymondzie Rousselu (2007). Prime mover and managing director of the unofficial Marquis de Sade club (1989), initiator and director of the „Festiwal Filozofii” and „Nietzsche seminarium” [http://ph-f.org/]. Translator of many books and papers on philosophy and French literature (Association of Polish Translators prize for the translation of O gramatologii by Derrida). „Nowa Krytyka”, „Hybris”, „Lamus”, „ΣΟΦΙΑ” and „[fo:pa]” associate. He is also a broadcaster, journalist, video producer („Fryderyk” prize for the Varius Manx videoclip Zanim zrozumiesz, 1994), musician (Randez-Vous co-founder and a bass player) [http://bb.ph-f.org/].



Paweł Grabarczyk

PhD, associate profesor at IT-University Copenhagen and assistant professor at the Institute of Philosophy at the University of Lodz. Specializing in analytic philosophy, mostly philosophy of language, and in game studies. He is the editor-in-chief of Replay - The Polish Journal of Game Studies and president of the Centre for Philosophical Research (Warsaw). 


Tomasz Sieczkowski
PhD, associate profesor at the Institute of Philosophy at the University of Lodz. Interested in the modernization and antireligious potential of the Enlightenment, the New Atheism, postsecularism, and contemporary socio-political philosophy. Masters degree on modern and contemporary philosophical reflection on death (2000). PhD on Hume’s antireligious thought (2006; published as a book in 2016). The editor of the monographic issue of „Nowa Krytyka” dedicated to Hume (2008) and the co-editor of five books. He published in, among others, „Przegląd Filozoficzny”, "Nauka", "Diametros" and „Nowa Krytyka”. Translator (Berkeley, Hume, Norris, Caputo, Bernstein, Lewellen, Kuper, Ruse, Meister). Co-founder of Hybris and its editor-in-chief until 2019. A cyclist.





Tomasz Załuski
PhD, an art historian and a philosopher, assistant professor at the Department of Modern Culture at the University of Lodz and at the Institute of Art Theory and History of the Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. His research interests include modern and contemporary art concepts, art in relation to the praxeology and biopolitics, configurations of the aesthetics, ethics, and politics in the cultural project of the modernity, contemporary French philosophy (especially J. Derrida and J.-L. Nancy). He is the author of the book Modernizm artystyczny i powtórzenie. Próba reinterpretacji (2008), editor of the Sztuki w przestrzeni transmedialnej (2010) volume. Translator (with M. Gusin) of the book Rozdzielona wspólnota (2010) by Jean-Luc Nancy. Member of the Hybris editorial board and also of the advisory board of the „Sztuka i dokumentacja” journal.



Krzysztof Kędziora
PhD, assistant professor at the Institute of Philosophy at the University of Lodz. PhD on “John Rawls - In search of normative fundamentals of democracy”. He published in the journals such as “Etyka”, and “Ruch Filozoficzny”. His scientific interests include modern political philosophy, history of the polish social thought in the 19th and early 20th centuries, and the problem of the relation between religion and the public sphere.








Michał Zawidzki
PhD, assistant professor at the Institute of Philosophy at the University of Lodz. Studied political science, philosophy, and mathematics. Ministry of Science and Higher Education grant holder (2009). Intern at the University of Manchester. PhD on the deductive system for the hybrid logics. Field of his research include philosophical and mathematical logic with special regard to the modal and descriptive logics, questions of the decidability, absoluteness, and complexity of the computational theory. Apart from this, he is strongly interested in the philosophy of mind (especially in the philosophical naturalism) and philosophy of language. A fan of both Wittgensteins, but mostly the second one. He published in the „Rocznik Kognitywistyczny” and in the „Bulletin of the Section of Logic”. He devotes his free time to uncritical listenings to the Keith Jarrett concerts and to any kind of sport activity.




Dawid Góras

Undergraduate student at the Institute of Philosophy at the University of Lodz. Mostly interested in the 19th and 20th German philosophy, philosophical hermeneutics and philosophy of language. Besides philosophy, he likes to read Polish prose literature from time to time. Spends too much time on playing online games and listening to rap music.



  • Helen Lynch
  • Wojciech Szymański
  • Jagna Świderska


  • Bartosz Zalepiński