Service quality in banks research paper

The network quality has the highest impact on customer satisfaction and Yemeni telecom mobile companies must consider about superior network quality as perceived service quality from customers to judge the quality of services in telecom mobile network. Article Outline 1. Introduction 2. Literature Review and Related Work 3. Research Model and Hypotheses 4. Data Collection Method 5. Managerial Implications. Introduction In the competitive market, customers have many available options to select among a telecom mobile companies.

Therefore, the companies should look for factors to attract and retain their customers. Customer satisfaction is considered one of the most important concepts to keep the telecom mobile companies survive on the market. As mobile telecommunication network has developed over several successful generations, technology plays an important role in this context. Technology enhances service quality particularly in making a video call.

This can help companies to formulate appropriate strategies for customer satisfaction [1, 2]. Based on Yemen National Information NIC reports, the number of subscribers who are using mobile in Yemen reached to 17, with mobile penetration Thus, the usage of mobile phone technologies became widespread by society, and it is very clearly seen across all walks of life in Yemen.

Literature Review and Related Work Researchers believe that the service quality theory have relation with customer satisfaction and product quality [3].

There are many service service quality in banks research paper models and different dimensions based on various research paper service quality sectors [4]. Table 1. So many authors [] asked for its reliability and validity. Table 2 summarizes most additional dimensions which were used to measure service quality as well in mobile telecommunication industry.

Table 2. Research Model and Hypotheses The tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy associated with service quality are antecedents to perceived service quality [11]. Subsequently, the service quality dimensions could be antecedent to customer satisfaction [8, 12] and proved by several researchers [13]. The aim of this research was to examine the level of service quality as perceived by customers of commercial bank working in Jordan and it's effect customer satisfaction, Service quality measure is based on modified version of SERVQUAL as proposed by.

We only have the best writers on our team research hypotheses on the relationships among the study factors. Ganguli S, Roy SK Generic technology-based service quality dimensions in banking, Impact on customer satisfaction research loyalty.

To institute this, three research questions have been formulated namely; how does customer satisfaction influence customer loyalty to a bank? In Internet banking, e-service quality is important to the banks because it ….

The higher the service quality, the higher is the customer satisfaction. Research Paper. To date our community has made over million downloads. A quantitative research was used to study the relationship between service quality dimensions and customer satisfaction.

But no research has been done to investigate the relationship between mobile banking service quality and customer satisfaction in Bangladesh. Notice that the above functional definitions are all intuitive and rather general. With the above model, we can derive the profitthe expected profitand the variance of profit as functions of as follows: Because e-business is known to be a risky operation, we argue that the OSP has concern on risk and possesses a risk averse attitude [ 24 ].

As such, we employ the following mean-variance safety first measure as the objective function for the modeling of risk averse optimization objectives, see Xiao and Choi [ 30 ], Chiu and Choi [ 31 ], Chiu et al. For the meaning behindplease notice that by Bienayme-Tchebycheff inequality, we have the following inequality: Thus, the RHS of 6 gives the analytical upper bound for. Obviously, maximizing yields a minimized upper bound for and hence is called the safety first measure see [ 37 ]. With the above model, we define 7and then have Proposition 1.

Notice that and are the first order derivatives of andrespectively, and they also represent the corresponding slopes as follows:.

Proposition 1. Proof of Proposition 1. All proofs are placed in the Appendix. Proposition 1 first presents the uniqueness feature of the optimal level of fulfillment and responsiveness i. It then reveals that this optimal service level is the one which equalizes and. In other words, when the rates of change of and are the same, the corresponding service level is optimal. From Proposition 1we have Proposition 2. Proposition 2. Observe that a larger means that the customer loyalty is more positively correlated to the service level.

Proposition 2 a hence indicates that it will lead to a bigger optimal service level because the optimal solution refers to the one which balances the increase of revenue and rise of cost.

It is quotes for college essays interesting to note from Proposition 2 b that is independent of and. This finding can be explained by the fact that the variance of profit is a constant which is independent of the service level.

Thus, the corresponding optimal service level is not related to as well as the expected profit targetand will in fact behave like the risk neutral case as shown in Proposition 3 below. Proposition 3. Proposition 3 shows a rather surprising result that the risk averse and risk neutral OSPs will have the same optimal service levels for this particular case.

In other words, irrespective of the risk preference, the optimal service level is the same. This finding is important because it shows the fundamental difference between different kinds of operations management problems. For example, for inventory planning under uncertainty, the optimal inventory decision for the risk averse and risk neutral cases will be different.

However, in service optimization, the research paper service quality can be different as shown here. We conclude by discussing some research implications derived from the discussions above.

Service quality

As a result, a higher degree of web site customization e. Moreover, the optimal service level under the safety first objective is independent of profit target and uncertainty threshold.

Finally, we analytically prove that the optimal service level does not depend on the risk preference of the OSP. For future research, there are two directions.

Service quality in banks research paper

In the future, it is worth investigating the modification of the existing service quality-scale measurement to cater for this specific type of new business model. The second direction for further studies relates to the theoretical analysis based on more comprehensive economics analytical models. We believe that the findings revealed by this paper can lay the foundation for many further empirical and analytical studies. From 4we service quality in banks research paper SinceA.

In addition, notice that. Thus, we have. In both cases, it is often some aspect of customer satisfaction which is being assessed. However, customer satisfaction is an indirect measure of service quality. Given the widespread use of internet and e-commerceresearchers have also sought to define and measure e-service quality.

Parasuraman, Zeithaml, and Malhotrap. A recent paper examined research on e-service quality. The most important and most used method with which to measure subjective elements of service quality is the Servqual method. Objective processes may be subdivided into primary processes and secondary processes. During primary processes, silent customers create test episodes of service or the service episodes of normal customers are observed. In secondary processes, quantifiable factors such as numbers of customer complaints or numbers of returned goods are analysed in order to make inferences about service quality.

International Journal of Management and Business Research; 2 4 : Guide for Authors. Producing a systematic review, in D. Buchanan, A. Bryman Eds. Ding, M. Relationships between quality of information sharing and supply chain food quality in the Australian research paper service quality processing industry, The International Journal of Logistics Management 25 1 : Pricing and service quality guarantee decisions in logistics service supply chain with fairness concern, Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research 35 5 : An application of fuzzy logic to assess service quality attributes in logistics industry, Transport 30 2 : Exploratory study of logistics service quality scale based on online shopping malls, Journal of Zhejiang University - Science A 8 6 : A Flores, L.

Research paper service quality

Failure recovery management in performance of logistics services in a B2B context: a case study using the 3PL Perspective, Journal of Operations and Supply Chain Management 1 1 : Managing logistics customer service under uncertainty: An integrative fuzzy Kano framework, Information Sciences Quality evaluation in logistic services, International Journal of Agile Management Systems 2 1 : Case study: managing for total quality of logistics services in the supply chain, Logistics Information Management 11 5 : Logistics service quality and buyer-customer relationships: the moderating role of technology in B2B and B2C contexts, The Service Industries Journal 31 7 : Logistic service quality and technology: a comparison between supplier-retailer and retailer-consumer relationships, The International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research 18 5 : The logistics services outsourcing dilemma: quality management and financial performance perspectives, Supply Chain Management 15 6 : This is the only place I will use from now on!

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