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Three decades after the spill, Alyeska and the oil companies - under pressure from the state of Alaska - have greatly expanded measures to prevent spills. Two escort tugs, for example, accompany every oil laden tanker that motors through Prince William Sound.

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If needed, they can steer the tanker, counter any unwanted move or take it under tow. If oil should escape a tanker, Alyeska has more than 40 miles of boom, compared with five in Alyeska has skimmers, compared with 13 back then, and the newer models operate much more efficiently, capturing less water.

The capacity to store cleaned up oil with barges or other floating equipment is more than 50 times greater than at the time of the spill. In Washington, a network of contractors trains to respond to spills under response plans that have been approved by state regulators.

The biggest tanker vessels must have redundant operating systems, as well as tugboat escorts once they come in from the ocean to the trans-boundary exxon valdez of the U. The Legislature is considering ESHB to extend the protection of an escort tug to smaller vessels carrying oil through the Rosario Strait from Canada to Washington refineries at Cherry Point and Tacoma, including tug-pulled barges.

Even today, a small portion of crude oil still remains just out of sight below the surface of the water in parts of Alaska impacted by the spill. That was thirty years ago. These are the scenes of climate change, unfolding before our eyes. Despite the identification of sensitive areas and the rapid start-up of shoreline cleaning, however, wildlife rescue was slow.

Adequate resources for this task did not reach the accident scene quickly enough. Through direct contact with oil or because of a loss of food resources, many birds and mammals died. In the aftermath of the Exxon Valdez incident, Congress passed the Oil Pollution Act ofwhich required the Coast Guard to strengthen its regulations on oil tank vessels and oil tank owners and operators. Today, tank hulls provide exxon valdez paper protection against spills resulting from a similar accident, and communications between vessel captains and vessel traffic centers have improved to make for safer sailing.

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Contact Us to ask a question, provide feedback, or report a problem. Jump to main content. It wasn't the first big oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. InMexico experienced a "Deepwater Horizon" of its own, when the Ixtoc oil well exploded and sank. The previous year, the Amoco Cadiz tanker dumped more than 65 million gallons of oil into the English Channel off the coast of Brittany, France.

Instead, the ship had put out a exxon valdez essay call, saying it was no longer able to maneuver. Then it broke into two pieces.

Exxon Valdez

When the oil tanker Haven exploded in Aprilthe resulting fire swept through the ship, killing five crew members. Luckily, only 6 million gallons of that 41 million leaked into the ocean. Oil from the Haven spill made it all the way to the French Riviera.

Ina pipeline at a state-owned oil refinery in Brazil leaked almostgallons of crude oil into the Guanabara Bay. Local animals paid a heavy price. New Zealand experienced its worst-ever maritime environmental disaster inwhen the vessel Rena struck the Astrolabe Reef near Fiji.

Exxon valdez essay

But an even more recent and devastating oil spill occurred last year in the East China Sea. The Sanchi spill leaked more than 32 million gallons of ultra-light crude oil, which is extremely flammable and highly toxic if inhaled. Oil is toxic to fish in high quantities, and can also accumulate in their body tissue and be passed up the food web.

Sea turtles are also particularly vulnerable to oil spills.

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The oil also extensively fouled spawning habitat in Prince William Sound for herring and pink salmon, two of its most important commercial fish species. Fishermen and others affected by the spill dealt with ruined livelihoods, broken marriages and suicides.

The board also faulted the U. Coast Guard for an inadequate system of traffic regulation. After evidence suggested that Joseph J.

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