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The following are examples:. Thinking about friend…forgot to buy gas…car wouldn't start…missed math exam…failed math course. To evaluate the effectiveness of a cause and effect essay, ask the following questions:. What are the causes?

What are the effects? Which should be emphasized? Are there single or multiple causes? What factors led to unionization? How does a tsunami form? What events and factors led to women's suffrage? Why did electric cars fail initially? How do animals become extinct? Why are some tornadoes more destructive than others?

What factors led to the end of feudalism? What led to the "Martian Panic" in the s? How did medicine change in the nineteenth century? How does gene therapy work? What factors can lead to famine? What factors led to the rise of democratic governments in the 18th century? How did baseball become a national pastime in the United States? What was the impact of Jim Crow laws on black citizens in the United States?

What factors led to the growth of imperialism? Why did the Salem Witch Trials take place? How did Adolf Hitler come to power? What can cause damage to your credit? How did the conservationism start? How did Cause and effect essay handout War I start? I make above average grades and like math and science classes the best.

However, about a year ago, my weight dropped to 72 pounds. I lay in a hospital bed with unkempt hair, fragile limbs and a sunken face. I was seriously ill. The villainous disease was not cancer or AIDS. I had anorexia, a condition which afflicts many teens and young adults, especially young women. Good Essays words 3. Research has also shown that different ethnicities are affected in different ways mentally.

Research example for cause and effect essay among a variety of high school students showed that more than one half of the students had been bullied within the past year.

Results showed that Hawaiians were the most likely to binge drink or use marijuana due to bullying. Also, Samoans were the most likely to feel bad about themselves when cyberbullied Goebert Sometimes they take a loss in one area for a gain in another area. There is a cause for every action the company makes, and in return for their action there is an effect.

Although the effect can sometimes be pre-determined, no one is really sure what the outcome is going to be until the time comes. There are millions of cars on the road today and they all require tires At the onset of the project, Jim estimated that the job would be complete within approximately three weeks. After the first week, Andrew began referring Jim to friends who needed the services of a contractor because of the apparent workmanship of the job and the fact that his project was moving at an excellent pace Perhaps candidate A, running for party A led by leader A, is not perceived as being significantly different from, or better than, candidate B, running cause and effect essay yahoo answers party B led by leader B.

This lack of perceived difference between candidate-party-leader A and candidate-party-leader B, is not the only problem in an election. It is also impossible to vote directly on an issue. Yes, you can let an issue influence how you vote, but on election day you are forced to endorse one candidate, party and leader and repudiate all other candidates, parties and leaders Not on television but in their own home. Children of family violence are often abusers or victims of abuse themselves.

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Family violence is a cycle that is very hard to stop Free Essays words 4. Many people every year are killed or injured because of drunk drivers. The majority of people who drive when under the influence of drugs or alcohol do not believe that their skills are affected until after they face a challenging or dangerous situation It is difficult to understand sometimes, that there cause and effect essay yahoo answers need for change; many people will not even know that they are wrong and need changing or be against change completely.

But it is important to continuously create change and understand why change is important. There are three reasons that I believe would cause someone to struggle to create change: The environment around the person changes, they become more educated, and they can no longer suffer in their position While it also remains an epidemic in this country, without an solid solution.

A hurricane consists of: eye, eyewall, rail free area, spiral rain brand. The eyes is the most deadly part of the storm because there we will find the heaviest precipitation and strongest winds that reach around miles per hour Ahrens, Hurricanes have killed more people worldwide in the last fifty years than any other natural cataclysm Emanuel, Not all storms turn into hurricanes and not all hurricanes hit land When we drink soda, and eat fast food we cause ourselves pain.

These substances can be such as food, pollen, or house dust mite. The question is why is it increasing. According to many studies done over the last decades, some these factors can be due genetics, changes the cause and effect essay yahoo answers the food we eat, changes on how we are exposed to food, and the hygiene hypothesis.

Data collected estimates that 15 million people in the U. Technically there is no cause for anxiety to happen but, are many triggers that can cause you to have one. It can also be major emotional shock following a stressful or traumatic event Actually, there is one big thing people can get out of teen pregnancy, better education about sex and pregnancy.

There are many things that contribute to this issue, shows like sixteen and Pregnant and Teen Mom are glamorizing teen pregnancy, which is actually a big issue and the blame should be placed on the parents and media. Peer pressure by friends can play a factor into the issue, if a child hangs out with a group of people that are sexually active, 9 out of 10 times that child is too Traffic accidents are mostly caused by people driving under the influence, between the age of 15 and 29, DUI is one of the math homework help reddit causes of death.

Drinking has a bad side effect it could possible damage or even kill a liver The illegal crime may not involve actual driving of the vehicle, but rather may generally include being physically in control of a car while intoxicated even if the person charged is not driving Some people were trying to hold on to traditional values while others wanted dramatic changes. Many people from the older generations felt that their was too much change going on and that the younger generations were disrespectful.

The Cold War was going on during this time as well, and many people felt very differently about the situation. The older generation felt like Americans needed to be willing to support the defense of the nation while younger people rebelled against those traditional ideas and values When my grandmother 's blood pressure begins to change, she will claim it is a result of shifting atmospheric conditions; when I feel down, she links it with my low blood pressure and consequently blames my feelings on weather as well.

I 'm inclined to believe my mood isn 't linked with blood pressure or with what kinds of events are taking place in the sky, since I can feel low even when my blood pressure is relatively high and the weather is pleasant, but her assertions make me wonder if a correlation really does exist between these phenomena It includes a formal prompt, instuctions for students and a.

ActivitiesHandoutsAssessment. Paperless Google Digital Resource. Make cause and effect writing easy and practical for your students with this comprehensive writing packet. Step by step practices to make this genre of writing simple and accessible. Student notes to provide direct instruction and guided practice. Students will. Cause and Effect Essays - Student Handout. This package comes complete with 2 sample essays and 2 question and answer response activities.

It also comes with a 'Writer's Workshop' activity which gives t. Creative WritingWriting-Essays. Cause and Effect Essay Plan. This document will help students plan and draft essays with a cause and effect structure. It is important for students to be able to use essay structures besides the standard three paragraph essay. Cause and cause and effect essay graphic organizers essays are increasingly common on standardized tests and are often seen in news and m.

Graphic Organizers. The Giver Lois Lowry cause and effect writing tasks. Student notes to provide direct instruction and guided practi. Dec 24, structure, essays are generally follow basic paragraph writing. Category: an essay - view our expository essay samples to write a particular situation. Free cause and apply what subject to help you cause and effect essay yahoo answers a type of stuff that the receiver.

Cause and effect essay map is a cause and effect essay in this cause and effect essay? Choosing the essay - the check your answer below explanatory or expository essay.

Press the most common problems today that the bottom.The majority of asthmatics tend to have asthmatics in the family. A flare up of asthma is generally referred to as an asthma attack.

At this stage, some asthmatics may experience coughing. The coughing will often be a "wet" cough, which is the kind of cough with which mucous is coughed up Microsoft Encarta "Asthma, Bronchial". Add one to cart. Buy licenses to share. Add to Wish List. Share this resource.

Simply Novel - Secondary Solutions 9, Followers. Keep in Touch! Sign Up. After all, a lack of judgment and subsequent action may lead to further youth violence. This event has been thoroughly dissected by a whole herd of politicians and pundits over a period of some months.

But they have, unfortunately, failed to reach the heart of the matter Strong Essays words 2 pages. Forty percent of all marriages end in divorce.

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Divorce defined by Webster is the action or an instance of legally dissolving a marriage [1]. Divorce itself is both a cause and an effect. Some of the causes of divorce include the lack of money, sexual indiscretion and the ease of getting a divorce. These are some of the most common causes of divorce. Also litter is expensive to clean up.

That money could be used for other uses such fixing old roads, hiring police men, and firefighters. Companies also pollute the world. These companies sometimes dump their waste in rivers or lakes, or like BP had an oil spill. In addition to that the toxics released in the water harm animals and the environment. Pollution is the reason why global warming is getting worse. Companies right now are trying to figure out ideas to keep the world clean.

Cause and effect essay yahoo answers help keep it from getting any worse, people should drive less, recycle, and find a safer way to dispose their waste. He plans on extending the season from 16 games to 18 games. It is not just the commissioner that wants more games it is the fans, too. The NFL has 4 preseason games before the regular season starts. The fans think there should be less preseason games and more regular season games. Like other essays, it consists of an introductory paragraph, which includes the thesis statement, the main body paragraphs that prove the statement, and a conclusion paragraph that summarizes all essential points.

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It is also known as a five-essay structure. The chief purpose of an expository essay is to give a logical and straightforward explanation of an object or phenomena. Despite the primary goal being the same, there are expository essay variations you must be aware of.

Those are characterized by the main method used. They may instruct by providing information, guide the readers, report on a particular experience, fully clarify a process and explore one particular idea. To write an excellent essay is not easy at all, especially when you've been told to write a specific type.

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As it was said before, there are six major types of expository writing assignments, and you should learn how to write these essays and how to differ them if you want to get the best grade and spend minimum time and efforts. The cause and effect essay is built around the reasons that caused something and the results. Here, you need to ask yourself the two key questions: "Why did it happen? Choosing the block structure, firstly, you write all of the causes and then all of the effects.

Divorce itself is both a cause and effect. There are many causes of divorce. Some of the causes happen more often than others. For instance, the cause and effect essay graphic organizers common causes of divorce are poor communication, financial problems such as lack of money, lack of commitment to marriage.

Most people claim to think carefully before they get married, but the divorce rates continue to increase. There are three main causes of divorce: the changing of a man and a woman 's role, stress in modern living and the lack of communication between the married couple. The first significant cause of recent rise in the rates of divorce is that women completely change in roles. Therefore, it is the position of this essay that Perspective 1 is the most valuable perspective.

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Here, you can brainstorm a ton of different things to discuss about the topic. Then, once you have shown cause and effect essay assignment thoughtful discussion of both perspectives, you can take an informed position.

Showing deep understanding and comparing perspectives before taking a position makes your argumentative essay … more persuasive! Should go into depth on the issue and look at it from multiple perspectives. Then, it should take a position on which perspective is most appropriate. As you can see, there are more similarities between an argumentative and persuasive essay than differences. Remember, your argumentative essay and expository essay both provide in-depth, balanced information on the topic.

However, the argumentative essay goes one step further and lets you take a personal position on the issue once you have presented the key information. What is an Expository Essay? This is the most common form of essay at university level. Use your lecture notesassigned readings and readings you find from google scholar to show that you have a very deep and detailed understanding of the issue; Compare Ideas.

Ensure you present two sides of an argument and compare them.



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